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Tribal Classrooms

Welcome to Woden’s Tribal Classrooms


Here at Woden Primary School, we believe that our Tribal Classrooms embody tribal qualities such as strong, positive leadership, unite with each other, teamwork, equality, fairness, trust and strong personal relationships. Within each classroom tribe, everyone feels valued and has a role to play with the teacher being the tribe leader. We see our tribes as one big family whereby every child feels comfortable and confident to flourish during their time at school.
Creating tribal classrooms is about tapping into instincts that are at children’s very core. When we create a sense in the classroom that everyone matters, that they belong to a team and that you’re there to support and guide them, not only does it aid their wellbeing but children will also feel ready to take risks, explore and learn.
So, what happens within our Class Tribes?

  • Every class decides on a Tribal name created by the children.
  • Each class is taught about the importance of working together and becoming a strong team.
  • The children design and makes their own team flags, every child has a part to play as they build their class rules and values into their flags. This also gives each class, and members within it, a sense of identity and how they become a tribe.
  • Class teacher will acknowledge the children by name each morning and then at the end of the day – this is a sense of belonging for the individual child.
  • Tribal gatherings for story time, Jigsaw PHSE sessions, circle time, mindfulness breathing sessions, and class assemblies linked with Wellbieng planning
  • Wellbeing time for the whole school within their tribes