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Theme days and Curriculum Enrichment

Languages and Diversity Day 2023

On 27th September, Woden celebrated Culture & Diversity Day. Each year group chose a country to learn about that reflects the different cultures and diversity within our school. We discussed the geography of the countries and the different traditions and we even learned some of the languages of the chosen countries.

EYFS chose close to home and learnt about the UK. The iconic red buses, the monarchy and, as can be seen, the Union Jack flag.

Year 1 went to North Africa and created their own Moroccan and Islamic patterns.

Year 2 had a magically journey to Greece and used their skills to design their own vases as well as their own Greek flags! Some fabulous Greek dancing also occurred in the hall.

Year 3 flew to India where they learnt facts about the amazing wild life and Indian traditions.

Year 4 became embroiled in vampiric land of Romania and created fun fact files while also recreating the art of famed Romanian artist Nicolae Grigorescu. They also found the time to exercise to traditional Romanian folk music.

Year 5 danced their way to Poland, learning traditional dances, and interesting facts and writing postcards home from their visit.

Year 6 not only learnt about Albania but incorporated the countries into their maths work, creating line graphs comparing the temperatures in the UK and bar charts showing the monthly temperatures of Albania.

We all had a wonderful day celebrating the different cultures and fantastic diversity that makes Woden so special.

Y4 – Bradford Estate

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Woodlands Farm. They learned about the crops we grow becoming the food we eat; they learned how to tell the age of a tree; they met Shepherd Alec and his sheep; they learned about wildflowers (and even made up their own packet of seeds); they sat in lots of amazing tractors and even got to bring home an onion as a souvenir! Well done Year 4.

Hello Yellow Day

On Friday 13th October 2023, the whole school joined thousands of schools and communities across the country by taking part in the ‘HelloYellow Campaign’, which supported the Young Minds charity and World Mental Health Day. The theme of 2023’s World Mental Health Day, set by the World Federation for Mental Health, was ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. Young Minds are carrying out fundraising activities in schools to recognise this.

Our children had a wonderful day completing various activities and learning more about how we can support and improve our own mental health.

Here is a selection of photos and display pictures around school.

Y6 British Motor Museum

Y6 went on a fun filled trip to the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire. This trip linked directly to their Science topic looking at electrical circuits. They were able to explore the expansive museum, learning all about the evolution of cars, and even got to see a replica of the first ever battery-operated car. What an experience!

Here are some photos from their day.

Y2 DT Kite Making Workshop

As part of Year 2’s DT topic this half term, the children took part in a kite making workshop.  They were able to plan, design and make their own kite. The children enjoyed every step of the design process and loved seeing their design come to life.

Here are some photos from the day.

Black History Month

As a school, we have been celebrating Black History Month throughout October with the theme being ‘Celebrating our Sisters’
Children have thoroughly enjoyed learning, researching and creating work based around their year groups chosen female figure.
As well as this, children have had access to reading books and have taken part in Black History Month assemblies.

Displays and children’s work looks fantastic around school!

It’s Pantomine Time

The children thoroughly enjoyed watching this year’s Pantomime ‘Cinderella’.  The children enjoyed joining in with actions, songs and chants throughout the performance!

Thank you to Fun Time Theatre, for yet again another highly entertaining Christmas Panto!!

Please see attached some photos from the day.

Diwali Day

We kicked off the second part of our Autumn term in style, with a celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali.

The children came to school wearing traditional or party clothes and took part in lots of exciting activities throughout the day to celebrate the festival of Diwali. The children created some fantastic art work, tasted samosas and even experiences some traditional dancing thanks to Sohan, who delivered a Diwali dance workshop for each year group.

This was a fantastic and enjoyable day for all.  Here are some photos from the day.


Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop

On Friday 10th November, Freshwater Theatre company visited school to deliver a workshop to Year 2 children to support their History topic this half term of ‘The Great Fire of London’. The workshop allowed the children to become immersed in the drama and understand more about what caused the fire and how the fire came to a stop.  The children really enjoyed using role play to act out different people and scenarios to deepen their understanding.

This experience was enjoyed by all.  Here are some pictures of some of the artefacts the children were able to look at.


Remembrance Day

Thank you to the many children across school who bought a poppy to wear in school.  The money raised will make a positive difference to the lives of service men and women around the country.

On Monday 13th November, the children took part in a very special assembly about Remembrance Day and we were joined by our very special visitor Terry, an ex-serviceman who spoke to the children about the importance of buying and wearing a poppy as a sign of respect and to support the Royal British Legion.  The children observed a minutes silence to show their respect.

Well done Woden!

Reception’s visit to the Snowdome.

For Reception’s Christmas treat this year, they were lucky enough to visit Santa at Winter Wonderland.  The children enjoyed sledging, sliding and snowball fights.  The children met Santa’s reindeers and enjoyed seeing Santa in a fun-filled panto performance.

The Reception children had a wonderfully Christmassy day.

Here are some photos from the day.

Winter Scene exhibition

Thank you to all of this year’s entries into the Winter Scene art competition.  It was a very hard decision for Mrs Everritt, as they were all absolutely fantastic!  It was great to see how much time, effort and commitment children had put into their creations.  They certainly made school feel very Christmassy!

Here are some photos of some of the entries.

Christmas Dinner

We all enjoyed a very tasty Christmas Dinner on Friday 15th December. As always, our wonderful kitchen staff cook up a treat for us to enjoy and always bring the festive cheer to the dining hall so we thank them very much. There were lots of happy faces and full tummies from children and staff.

Here is a picture of our wonderful Kitchen staff.

Year 5’s Anglo Saxon and Viking workshop

To enrich Year 5’s History topic, the children participated in a very exciting Anglo Saxon and Viking Workshop.  The children were able to dress up as Vikings, visualise weaponry and take part in group activities and read traditional Kennings.

The children really enjoyed their experience and said “ The workshop was great, it gave us lots of new information about things we didn’t even know about”.

Internet Safety Day

On Monday 5th February, the KS2 children could watch an Internet Safety performance, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  The performance shared important messages about how to stay safe online.  The children gave positive feedback and could discuss key learning from the day.

Here are a few photographs from the performance.

Y3 Art Gallery Visit

On Friday 23rd February Y3 walked to our local Art Gallery in Wolverhampton and took part in a Roman artefact workshop.  The children were able to look at the artefacts and create some wonderful coin rubbings.

Here are a few photos of the day.





Reception’s visit to Dudley Zoo

On Friday 1st March, our children in Reception went on a very exciting trip to Dudley Zoo and Castle.  This linked with their topics in school, and the children thrived on seeing different animals in real life.  The children completed a minibeast hunt and a tour of the zoo, where they saw animals such as sealions, penguins, lions, monkeys, meekats lizards and even snakes. The children and staff had a wonderful day creating memories with the children.

Here are some photos from the day. Which animal is your favourite?

Y6 Greek Day

Our Y6 pupils participated in a Greek day workshop, to support their History topic this half term.  The children re-enacted a Greek myth and took part in chariot races.  The children were able to dress up and really immerse themselves in their learning.  Here are some photos of their wonderful day.

Y2 Tamworth Castle Visit

Our Y2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Tamworth Castle on Wednesday 6th March.  This visit links to their History and Geography topic this term on Castles.  The children have been doing lots of learning this term, so it was nice to end their topic with a visit to local castle.  The children took part in 2 workshops, where they were able to become squires for the day and learn how to dress a knight in armour, followed by a workshop with the lady of the castle, dressing a table for luncheon.  Their tour around the castle was a highlight, climbing to the top of the tower pretending to look for the enemy.

Here are some photos from the day.

Y4 Trip to Cadbury World

As part of Year 4’s topic on Rainforests, Year 4 visited Cadbury World and explored the rainforest and enjoyed learning about where chocolate comes from and how it is made.

The children even came away with some chocolatey freebies!

Here are some photos from their visit.

Y4 Residential to Standon Bowers

Some of our Year 4 students enjoyed an action packed two day residential to Standon Bowers Outdoor Education Centre. The children took part in a selection of fantastic activities including, caving, a tricky blindfold trail, and climbing up and down a rope trail. The children also enjoyed toasting marshmellows over a campfire they had learned to make and finished with a den building challenge.

“I loved it at Standon Bowers, it was so amazing. The bedrooms were fantastic, and the food was the best!  I really enjoyed completing the activities and having fun with my friends”

Here are some photos from their visit.

Y1 trip to Ash End Farm

Following on from Spring term’s topic of Farms, Year 1 visited Ash End House Children’s farm to see and feed the animals.

The children began their day on a very bumpy tractor ride, spotting scarecrows in the fields.  They then had chance to feed some of the animals, such as goats, sheep and very noisy ducks.

The children were then able to stroke and hold some of the chicks and chickens at the farm before heading home.

The children loved their trip to the farm, some even saying “It was the best day ever!”

Here are some pictures from the day.

Y5 Visit to the National Space Centre

As part of their topic, Year 5 visited The National Space Centre in Leicester. They explored the Space Centre, read information and interacted with games and activities.

Lastly, they watched a planetarium show about space and astronauts.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their trip and learnt lots of new, interesting information.

Here are some photos from their trip.

Y6 visit to The Black Country Museum

Y6 enjoyed their visit to the Black Country Museum, looking at the old houses, mines, shops and traditions.  This allowed the children to see first hand the history of our local area which linked to their History topic.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their day, especially the traditional chips from the chip shop.

Here are a few photos from the day.


At Woden we aim to enrich every child’s school experience, to be educated citizens, by creating an environment where they are encouraged to succeed and be the best they can be. We are determined to prepare children with the essential knowledge and skills for what comes next. The exploration of new skills and experiences helps to nurture individuality, curiosity and creativity. Through this journey, our children develop new forms of resilience that makes a difference in individual mind-sets, which consequently shapes their future.

Through our curriculum, all children are exposed to enrichment opportunities which allow them to experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live. We foster an ethos of high expectations and aspirations to ensure all children achieve their full potential. We challenge all children to strive for academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishment within a broad, vibrant and enriched curriculum.

Use the tabs across the top of this page, to see what adventures and experiences our children have had so far, this academic year.