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Investors in People

Investors in People at Woden Primary School

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved the Investors in People Award Gold. This is the second time we have attained the Investors in People Award, the first time being in 2018.

The Gold accreditation means that we’ve got the policies in place but more than that, it means everyone – from the leadership team to apprentices takes ownership for making them come to life.

What is Investors in People?

Investors in People is the national Standard which sets out a level of good practice for training and development of people to achieve business goals.

Why did we go for the Investors in People Award?

  • To demonstrate that we recognise that people are our organisation’s most important resource and we are committed to the training and development of our staff as the key to improving performance.
  • IiP assists us to use an enabling framework to support our establishment’s ‘core business’ – raising levels of achievement for children and young people.
  • Links our establishment’s aims and objectives directly to the development of our staff.
  • Provides a useful framework for us as an educational establishment to manage the things that we have to do and those that we want to do.
  • To demonstrate our achievement to a wider, non-education sector.
  • To judge how well we are managing, involving, training and developing our staff.

The proven benefits of the Investors in People process include:

  • Increased effectiveness, higher skill levels and a more committed and flexible staff.
  • It helps schools like ours to continuously develop and improve the skills of staff. Promotes and develops good leadership;
  • Supports the celebration of success and individual achievement.
  • Recognises innovation and continuous improvement.
  • It is a prestigious national Standard which gives us recognition of our good practice on a par with that achieved by other organisations.
  • The recognition process provides a high level of challenge and encourages you to be innovative in improving your approaches to the development of staff.

The fundamental purpose of the Standard is to ensure the effective development of all staff to improve the performance of the school and the achievements of children and young people.


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