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At Woden Primary School we believe homework consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding in maths, literacy and other curriculum areas, helps raise the level of achievement of individual pupils, provides opportunities for parents and children to work together and, thereby, fostering an effective partnership between home and school.

We value the support of parents/carers and we believe that success is possible if there is a strong partnership between home and school which is reflected in the Home-School Agreement.

We recognise that all children need leisure time and hope that we strike a balance so children can extend and consolidate their learning with parental support while still allowing ‘down time.’ A breakdown of how homework is structured is provided below. This has been designed to encourage a gradual progression of skills and expectation so by the time children reach Year 6 they have established a clear routine in preparation for secondary school. Most of the homework is provided for completion over the course of 3 weeks in order to fit around family lifestyles and commitments. Other homework e.g. reading, multiplication tables, spellings are proven to be better when completed in shorter daily sessions.

Foundation Stage (Nursery/Reception)

  • Children will be given tasks that they can complete with family members.
  • These could include arts and crafts as well as literacy and numeracy practical tasks.
  • Home sound sheets from RWI to say and practice writing.
  • Read at home three days a week and this should be recorded in the homework diary.
  • Children are asked to bring things in during the year to enhance focused activities.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

  • Children will regularly bring home a sheet to practise the sound that they have been learning; this will also include related words and letter formation.
  • Children will be given a maths or a writing activity each alternate week. This work will be marked and given back to each child.
  • Children are expected to read and discuss their book at least three times. The reading diary should be completed each time.
  • A termly creative learning grid will be provided which will include an open-ended activity.

Key Stage 2  (Years 3-6)

  • Children will be given a purple homework book, with a task sheet inside. Children will be set a variety of different task involving many areas of the curriculum. Children are allowed to answer and complete their homework in a creative way. (See examples below)
  • Children are expected to read at least three times a week. The reading diary should be completed each time.
  • Learning of multiplication facts ongoing.

Example homework in Key Stage 2:

The idea of the homework book is to make homework fun and creative! Children can only use one double page each week, and so will need to be creative in how they use the page! Envelopes, different kinds of paper, folding, colour and different types of pens can and should be used! If children need resources that they don’t have at home, teachers will be happy to help. Examples of how homework can be presented are pictured below.

We hope children have fun and that parents have the opportunity to share in their child’s learning.