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Support for Young Carers

There is a range of support available to young carers across England, either commissioned by local authorities/health or funded through grants and donations.   

You can find your local young carers service by visiting

There is also information and/or support available for particular groups of young carers:Children of Parents with Mental Illness – Our Time (

Siblings of disabled children:

Sense – – where there has been sexual abuse/violent crime – Restitute –

Young Carers Assessments  

Young carers have legal rights to assessments and support. Schools can play a key role in ensuring that pupils and families are aware of their rights to assessment and might be best placed to support them in requesting one. 

 A Young Carers Needs Assessment under s17ZA of the Children Act 1989 is designed to ensure that young carers are not taking on inappropriate or excessive caring responsibilities. They are available to any young carer who requests one, no matter who they care for or how much care they provide. 

You can find out how to refer for a Young Carers Assessment by contacting your local young carers’ organisation or local authority. 

Young Adult Carer Transitions Assessments                                           

Young Adult Carers (young carers approaching adulthood) are also entitled to an assessment under s63 of the Care Act 2014 to help ensure that any barriers to them making successful transitions into adulthood are removed. You should again contact your local authority or young carers’ organisation to find out how they are working in your local area (including at what age). 

Young Carers Support App

There is a free App (available on Android and Apple) that contains useful national information for young carers. Some areas have also got local pages. No registration is required so young carers, parents and professionals may find it equally of use. Search “Young Carers Support App”