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At Woden, we recognise that technology plays a huge part in modern life and we aim to ensure all of our children are confident technology users. We appreciate that our children’s access to technology outside of school varies widely and therefore we aim to equip every child to use a range of technology confidently, building on their knowledge of how computers work and the skills needed when using technology. We use a wide range of devices to help create a digital record of our work, with an emphasis on creating and sharing digital content in a variety of media. Content creation could be facilitated through the use of digital cameras, webcams, microphones, camera phones, laptops, and iPads. We follow the ‘Purple Mash’ scheme, in which the children become familiar with a range of hardware and software through a range of exciting and engaging topics.

Here is our whole-school topic overview:

E-Safety at Woden

Woden Primary School gained the E-Safety mark in 2021. E-Safety is embedded within our Computing curriculum and is also included in other areas of the curriculum, such as PSHE. We also have Digital Ambassadors and Digital Ambassadors+, a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils that are trained to raise awareness and support others with E-Safety concerns. We celebrate Safer Internet Day each year to raise awareness across the whole school, taking part in a range of activities including quizzes, scenarios, creating posters, and many more.