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Eco Councillors visit to Limetrees Residential Home, Shrewsbury

The Eco Councillors travelled to Shrewsbury to visit Limetrees Residential home – the first in England to use 100% eco energy. With no gas, the heating is all created by water under the building, charged by lithium batteries, whilst electricity is provided by solar panels.

After being given a tour, we were set the task of making eco-friendly bird feeders. Thankfully, the Limetrees residents were on hand to help us. We used toilet rolls and smothered them in lard. Once done, we rolled these into trays of bird seeds – the lard acting as a natural glue. We then hung these up so the residents will be able to enjoy the birds the feeders attract.

After this, the residents helped serve us lunch so we were fuelled for our next job of planting flowers and bulbs. This was to attract bees to pollinate the flowers as we learnt how important the pollination process is for the environment. On our plots, we will be receiving a special Woden Primary school plaque with updates on how our bulbs are growing.

We also used seed bombs in the wildlife garden – hopefully they will grow and attract new wildlife. Limetrees Care home will be keeping us updated.

Finally, we had some the opportunity to talk to the residents about what their younger lives were like and how it compares to modern day in relation to gas and electricity consumption. They gave some wonderful insight into the past and helped out understanding of how privileged we now are.

At the end of the visit, the Eco Councillors received an Eco Warrior certificate to show their new knowledge and remind them of how we can help the environment. Thank you Limetrees Care Home for letting us join you for a wonderful, fun, educational day.