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Art at Woden

Year 1

Children in year 1 have been investigating colour; as part of this they have looked at the work of Kandinsky and as a year group, they have produced a display (using paints) in the style of Kandinsky.

Year 2

Children in year 2 have been learning about castles, as part of this they have investigated the paintings of James Paterson and painted one of their own, in his style, using water colours..  In addition, they also looked at the engravings of the Buck Brothers, and using polystyrene tiles, designed and printed their own castle pictures.

Year 3

This term year 3 have been busy bringing moving monsters to life in DT.

Year 4

Year 4 children have been studying the art of Andy Warhol.  They learnt how to use his blotted-line technique to produce simple pictures, they used this method to create a self-portrait in his style of bold block colours.

Year 5

Children in year 5 studied WWII as a cross-curricular topic during Spring term.

Year 6

Children in year 6 looked at containers, linked to their cross-curricular topic of the Ancient Greeks.