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Woden celebrate Culture & Diversity Day

On 27th September, Woden celebrated Culture & Diversity Day. Each year group chose a country to learn about that reflects the different cultures and diversity within our school. We discussed the geography of the countries and the different traditions and we even learned some of the languages of the chosen countries.

EYFS chose close to home and learnt about the UK. The iconic red buses, the monarchy and, as can be seen, the Union Jack flag.

Year 1 went to North Africa and created their own Moroccan and Islamic patterns.

Year 2 had a magically journey to Greece and used their skills to design their own vases as well as their own Greek flags! Some fabulous Greek dancing also occurred in the hall.

Year 3 flew to India where they learnt facts about the amazing wild life and Indian traditions.

Year 4 became embroiled in vampiric land of Romania and created fun fact files while also recreating the art of famed Romanian artist Nicolae Grigorescu. They also found the time to exercise to traditional Romanian folk music.

Year 5 danced their way to Poland, learning traditional dances, and interesting facts and writing postcards home from their visit.

Year 6 not only learnt about Albania but incorporated the countries into their maths work, creating line graphs comparing the temperatures in the UK and bar charts showing the monthly temperatures of Albania.

We all had a wonderful day celebrating the different cultures and fantastic diversity that makes Woden so special.